Annual Meeting Minutes

Faith Bible Church Annual Meeting
January 20, 2018

Members present: Keith Bopp, Dave Brown, Pastor Jim & Cheryl Caron, Paul and Valerie Cook, Michele Hollis, Joanne Seamans, Al & Libby Therriault, Marilyn Wilson, Mark Young

Others present: Andy & Carol Breault

Pastor Caron opened with scripture (2 Corinthians 11:13) and prayer.

Secretary’s report read and accepted (Mark Y., Libby T.).
Treasurer’s report read and accepted (Keith B., Mark Y.).
Pastor’s report read and accepted (Libby T., Al T.).
Nursery report read and accepted (Libby T., Keith B.).
Music Ministry report read and accepted (Keith B., Al T.).
Elders Reports read and accepted: Keith Bopp (Cheryl C., Mark Y.).
Mark Young (Keith B., Libby T.).

Jim and Lori Owens were removed as members per their request.

Motion was passed to include safety inspection as a budget item and let board discuss details (Cheryl C., Al T.).

It was voted to have all Bible Studies and prayer group on Tuesday nights, with the monthly board meeting being moved to Tuesday. We will try it for a month and then revisit. Groups will report back on what night is better. (Keith B., Mark Y.)

The 2018 budget was accepted as outlined (Joanne S., Keith B.).

Motion was passed for the secretary to cast one ballot (Libby T., Al T.).

Secretary cast the ballot with Keith Bopp as Elder, Joanne Seamans as Secretary, Libby Therriault as Treasurer, Michele Hollis as Asst. Treasurer, Cheryl Caron as Music Director, and Rachel DeMillo as Nursery Director.

The junior church ministry will be re-established for ages 5-12, utilizing the Right Now Media. (Al T., Libby T.)

Pastor Caron closed in prayer.

Respectfully submitted,

Joanne Seamans