What’s Happening?

Tuesday Night Lineup

Prayer time at 6pm. Share your requests in the prayer box in the foyer.

Ladies Bible study: 1st John (Assurance of the Christian Life)

Men’s Bible study:Who is Jesus?

Sunday 9:30 am study with Mark and Keith: Living in Christ

Birthday Month Cakes: First Sunday of the month. Sign-up sheet is in foyer.

Clothing Drop Box: The church has partnered with St. Pauly to have a clothing box in the parking lot. The church will get a small portion donated for each pound of clothing.

Christmas Wreaths and Cemetary Boxes – If you would like to purchase any of these items for the holidays, please see Dale for your order(s) and price.

They’re Here!  2019 Church Calendars. Still only $7.00! A great gift idea. Please give the money to Michelle Hollis.

Movie Night Returns!  “ I Can Only Imagine” will be showing here at the church on Sat. Nov. 24th. Bring your Turkey Day leftovers for dinner before the show! Soup, sandwiches and leftovers at 5:30. Movie starts at 7 pm. Bring a friend!

Bottle/Can Fundraiser: Bringing in bottles and cans help offset kitchen expenses. See Dale if you would like to help.